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CES Online Training Institute

CES Teacher Training is dedicated to a quality teacher training provision in both the face to face and online contexts. The schedule for online teacher training is exactly the same as that of the face to face teacher training sessions as outlined here: https://www.ces-schools.com/english-courses/teacher-courses/further-professional-development-for-teachers. 

We provide the following courses both in a face to face context, and an online one:  CES is committed to ensuring that there is no loss in fidelity between our training in these contexts. 

We are always open to collaborating with individual teachers and institutions so please email Chris Farrell (ost@ces-schools.com) for any particular enquires about arranging bespoke online teacher training courses at dates which may suit you better.

This page contains some overviews of our online lessons that you may find interesting. 

Tuition Fees will be as follows

1 week: €225
2 weeks €450

What will you need?

  • Computer, laptop or tablet with broadband connection of 10mbs or more.
  • You may need headphones if you are using a more public space but make sure your device has a good microphone and a webcam 

Course Director:
This course has been designed and developed by CES's own Chris Farrell

How to register?

Book online below or get in touch with amy@ces-schools.com