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CES Virtual Junior Programme

Please note that the CES Virtual Junior Programme will open in the summer of 2021. For more information please contact info@ces-schools.com 

We know that the over the last 12 months, many young people may have fallen behind in their language studies. Equally, they may have missed out on the chance to travel abroad to brush up their English skills and make new international friends.

That's where CES Virtual Junior Programme can help.

Our interactive, highly communicative and engaging summer programme will be  delivered over Zoom and features a blend of international group classes, self-study sessions and a social and cultural programme to help your kids learn new skills and re-engage with the world around them!

CES Virtual Junior Programme

Group Classes

Class Times
Speaking, listening and collaboration

In your group classes you will look at all the key skills that go into language learning with a specific focus on speaking, listening and interaction. In addition to looking at popular issues of the day our teachers will also look at the history and culture of the countries that CES are based in. We believe that just because you can’t travel to England, Ireland or Canada it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to experience them!

Our mixed international classes bring together students from all over the world and these variations of perspective and experience provide our highly qualified teachers with the opportunity to create a platform for debate and discussion


Class Times
11:15-11:45 Reading and writing

The key to learning a language online is all about maximising your time. Our self-study sessions are designed to help you practice and develop your individual reading and writing skills.

In your allocated self-study time you will work on tasks that develop the topics you have studied that morning and have the opportunity to prepare for the social and cultural activities that are to come. Your tutor will be able to give you personal attention and give you work-ons and tasks that are unique to you.


Social and Cultural Programme

Class Times
12:00-13:00 Culture and communication

Culture and language have always gone hand in hand because it is the cultural and emotional background that brings language to life.

In your online culture and social programme you will have the opportunity to explore the history of our cities in England, Scotland, Ireland and Canada. Virtual tours will take you round local landmarks and our famous Yellow Shirt social team will be there to maximise your experience and provide the personal touch. You will also experience the social side of language learning with team activities taking advantage of modern technologies like Zoom, TikTok and video editing software.

Sample Virtual Social programme

Monday                        Tuesday                     Wednesday                 Thursday              Friday                        
Movie Watch Party Virtual Museum Tour Online cookery class   Dragon’s Den       TikTok Concert   

Tuition Fees will be as follows

Please note that all course bookings are subject to a Registration fee of €30 / $50.
1 week: €150 / $230
2 weeks €300 / $460

Prices and Further Information

UK & Ireland Canada

What will you need?

  • Computer, laptop or tablet with broadband connection of 10mbs or more.
  • Headphones, microphone and a webcam.


Max Class Size on the Junior Zoom programmes will be 15
The age group will be 10 - 15 years of age  
(Students aged 16+ years of age can join our CES Virtual Adult classes) 
CES will need a minimum of 10 students to enrol to be able to run the programme   

How to register?