Test Your English

To help you understand what level of English-language skills you currently have, we have developed a test below that will take you less than 10 minutes. Please note that this test is not used for placement into a class. And when you arrive to any our schools on your first day, you will need to complete our Official CES Placement test.

Question 1
The computer electricity.
Question 2
He English to get a better job.
Question 3
She a new phone.
Question 4
The man asked me for  money.
Question 5
People use umbrellas  dry.
Question 6
friendship began at work.
Question 7
Is the cheetah   animal in the world?
Question 8
He has   hair.
Question 9
I have already   lunch.
Question 10
I am very interested   British history.
Question 11
Many tourists don’t like   in the UK.
Question 12
 students play rugby than football.
Question 13
I listen to classical music   the time.
Question 14
They   dinner when someone knocked on the door.
Question 15
 teenagers have mobile phones.
Question 16
They   to the highlands last month.
Question 17
Very    families have 2 cars.
Question 18
I have been living in Dublin  1998.
Question 19
He hasn’t done his homework  .
Question 20
I think it would be very hard to climb  Mount Everest.
Question 21
a language is a good skill.
Question 22
He grew   in London.
Question 23
I don’t live in Edinburgh   .
Question 24
She was visiting Dublin   she met the love of her life.
Question 25
This will be the first time   I have studied abroad.
Question 26
The man was arrested   the police.
Question 27
These days there   more education on the dangers of eating unhealthy food.
Question 28
When I was a child I   go swimming every day.
Question 29
There is a lot of   on the Internet about Scotland.
Question 30
The book was   sad.
Question 31
We   have left early if we knew the trains were delayed.
Question 32
They suggested   lunch at the Castle.
Question 33
They had to call   the football match because the weather was so bad.
Question 34
My cousin asked me to   a secret for him.
Question 35
By 2200 people   flying cars.
Question 36
I’m   exhausted after a long day at work.
Question 37
Very   people came to the meeting yesterday.
Question 38
If you hadn’t overslept, we   missed the plane.
Question 39
I can’t stand   at night.
Question 40
It will be great to   time with my best friend.
Question 41
The best   advice I’ve ever been given is to enjoy life.
Question 42
 got you from the airport if you had let me know.
Question 43
You’ll find a new job sooner or  .
Question 44
Jo is   child.
Question 45
You will   for more than two hours when her plane finally arrives..
Question 46
You can go out   you’re home by 10pm.
Question 47
I’m staying with a   relative.
Question 48
 did she pass her test, she also won £10,000.
Question 49
How   do they do that?
Question 50
He always says things in a   way.