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If you need a little help on any aspect of CES, you’re in the right place. We have developed a range of resources to help answer many queries from courses and accommodation to social activities, travel and so much more

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From accommodation and academic queries to general information and much more, you can read our FAQ section right here.

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Brochures & Handbooks

Read brochures for our courses and locations here as well as detailed student handbooks providing important information on many topics.

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Test Your English

Take a few moments and test your English skills by taking the English test on our website. Please note that this test is not used for placement into a class.

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Care for Under 18s

We take our responsibilities very seriously when it comes to looking after children and teens. Read our policy here.

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Social Activities

An important part of every English course is our social programmes for young and old. Find out more here about the fun-packed programmes we build into our courses.

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Visa Info

We warmly welcome students from all over the world and we recognise that travelling to our destinations often requires the use of student visas.

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Info Sheets

Education is a dynamic sector and in the near future, we plan to host a number of whitepapers here that deal with many aspects of education and training.

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Book an Exam with Us

As well as providing a wide range of high-quality courses for both adults and juniors, we can also help you book your exam at one of our examination centres. Find your exam below and get started.