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Les enseignants et le personnel administratif du CES œuvrent depuis plus de 30 ans pour vous offrir des programmes d’anglais variés et d’excellente qualité.

Chris Farrell
Teacher and Head of Teacher Development- Dublin
Chris has been a teacher at CES since 2006, with minor interruptions in this run including a couple of years out spent backpacking around the world, living in Australia, and working as a researcher/historian in both TCD and the Irish Parliament. Along with a BA in History and Politics, he holds a MA in History from UCD and a Cambridge DELTA qualification. As of January 2015, he is the Head of Continuous Professional Development at CES, a role which involves providing in-house workshops, facilitating further teacher training, and supporting the academic development of the teaching staff at CES. In his spare time he goes to the gym, plays guitar badly, watches any movie with loud noises, and reads history books.
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