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Travel around Leeds

Evenings and weekends in Leeds are as lively or relaxing as you choose. Being a lively, dynamic city commercial centre as well as a university city, there is entertainment to suit everyone. Leeds is located in the heart of Yorkshire and some of the North’s best tourist attractions are within easy reach. The beautiful Yorkshire Dales are less than an hour away, including Ilkley Moor, Haworth and scores of scenic towns such as York, Skipton, Harrogate and Knarsborough. On the East Coast Scarborough and Whitby are popular tourist destinations.

Travel within Leeds

Leeds is a compact city. Transport within the city is cheap and convenient. Most attractions and amenities are within walking distance of the school and main bus stops.

By Train
The school is located in the centre of Leeds and served by all main train lines. CES Leeds is less than 5 minutes from Leeds Train Station.

By Bus
All major city-centre bus routes pass close by the school. Bus services in Leeds are cheap, regular, clean and safe.

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