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Beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city has a medieval Old Town and an elegant Georgian New Town with gardens and stunning buildings.


13 bright and comfortable year-round classrooms. Many excellent cafes/sandwich shops all within a short walking distance from the school  Read more..
computer rooms
computer room
Internet access
Free Wi-Fi
Internet access
Social programme
Enjoy our
Social programme
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+44 (0) 13122 65004
telephone number
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management team


One of the best ways to learn more about the people of Scotland is to choose homestay accommodation. Family life is informal and the people are welcoming, friendly and talkative, so you will have plenty of opportunities to practise your English.  Read more..
Homestay Accommodation
Homestays in Edinburgh
The best way to practise your English in a carefully selected family
CES Residential accommodation in Edinburgh
Live and study with students from across the globe in our residential accommodation


CES Edinburgh is located just west of Princes Street in the heart of the city, only a few minutes' walk from shops, restaurants and cultural attractions.  Read more..
By Train
By Train
Two stations in the city centre
By Bus
Bus routes pass by the school.
By Bike
By Bike
The cyclist is well catered for with official cycle lanes in and around the area.

Social Programme

CES takes great pride in the very varied social programmes we organise at all our schools. Read more..
Social Programme
Tours to local historical and scenic spots


Our team members
Valerie Reynolds
Head of Teacher Training Academics- Edinburgh
Jan 22, 2018, 23:41 PM


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CES Edinburgh is located on Manor Place, just minutes' walk from Princes Street, the city's main road with its remarkable view of the castle.
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