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OET Preparation course  Leeds and London

CES Leeds and CES London offer tuition for healthcare professionals who wish to take the OET.
You will make the maximum amount of progress with focus on the OET exam and you will develop the skills for success in your career. This specialised course is designed to meet the individual needs and objectives of the participants.

During this course you will cover all aspects of the exam, language and skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking), exam structure and exam techniques.

The OET course covers a range of language required to facilitate communication in a professional healthcare environment. Teachers will prepare you with tasks simulating real workplace scenarios and you will be tested on relevant language skills for healthcare.

CES Leeds is an official OET Test Centre. CES London can arrange OET tests in Wimbledon or in central London.

  • Duration of the course: 6 week 45 hour course
  • Fees:   For only £450 + £60 registration fee 
  • Level: Students would need to have ideally a C1/B2+ level of English
  • Next course (CES Leeds): 25th January 2022 - Course dates 25th January to 03rd March 2022 - Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursday 14.00 – 16.30
  • Next Course (CES London): Contact us for information about forthcoming courses

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