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Hello from all in CES.

We hope that this mail finds you, your work colleagues, your family and friends well and safe.

As you can appreciate we are in tough times and it is important that we all work together to ensure 
our students, staff, hosts, etc are all getting the best advice and guidance.

CES Dublin re-opened on 10th August 2020 at 08.30hrs
and we are operating a full class schedule.

In CES U.K we re-opened:
20th July in CES Worthing and CES Edinburgh
CES Leeds and CES London on 10th August.
CES Oxford will re-open in March 2021. 

CES Covid Ready Certificates

As ever the Principals of our centres will be working hard and will do their very best
to answer all your mails and queries as soon as possible. 

We will inform you if there is any change to the above dates via mail and social media.