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Teach English at home and abroad with our CELTA Course

Our 4-week intensive CELTA course is the fastest way to gain your fully accredited CELTA qualification with CES and will help you to prepare for your first steps in English language teaching. Classes take place from Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm. CES is delighted to offer these face-to-face CELTA Courses in Dublin, Edinburgh and Leeds.

The CELTA is the Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

It is the most widely recognised and respected initial teacher training course that one can do in the world.  Accredited by Cambridge Language Assessment, this course gives candidates the confidence and skills to teach students English as a foreign language.  It is open for those with no teaching experience as well as those with some teaching experience who want to upgrade their certification

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Key Info

Details may vary between course location

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Face-to-Face Course Pricing
Dublin €1,950 | UK £1,545
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Minimum Level
C1 / C2
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Start Date
Availability throughout the year
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Lessons Per Week
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Course Details

On our CELTA Courses in Dublin - Leeds - Edinburgh 

our experienced tutors will deliver daily sessions that focus on teaching skills before you apply them in teaching practice. These sessions are done in such a manner as to engage trainees in an interactive and enjoyable way. These will give you the knowledge and techniques to teach both online and offline. You will learn how to prepare for and plan lessons and preparation time is timetabled every day. Each trainee needs to teach 8 times over the course.
You must complete 6 hours of Teaching Practice, 6 hours of observations and 4 written assignments. 100% attendance is expected for input sessions and Teaching Practice.


Full-time courses available: 


  • 2024 - Dublin Celta Course - Face-to-Face

    2nd September – 27th September – Available 

    7th October – 1st November – Available 


  • Contact our CELTA Course team in Dublin for further information.

CELTA Dublin Brochure


  • 2024 - Edinburgh Celta Course - Face-to-Face

    27th May – 21st June – Available 

    5th August – 30th August – Available 

    7th October – 1st November – Available 


  • Contact our CELTA Course team in Edinburgh for further information. 

CELTA Edinburgh Brochure


  • 2024 - Leeds Celta Course - Face-to-Face

    5th August – 30th August – Available

    30th September – 25th October – Available


  • Contact our CELTA Course team in Leeds for further information.

CELTA Leeds Brochure


What you need to know:

  • To apply, you must be at least 18 years of age,
  • Hold a university degree or have a standard of education equivalent to being able to enter university.
  • Non-native speakers need to have a high C1 / C2 level.
  • This is a full-time course (Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm), with participants required to attend all morning input sessions and afternoons. If you need any time off during the course, you should mention it during your interview.
  • You must teach on eight occasions (6 hours) and these teaching practices take place in the afternoon from 2pm until 4pm (with feedback being done afterward).  Trainees usually teach twice a week during this time. Every day, we also have a period set aside for teaching practice preparation, which is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have.
  • On average, trainees may spend 25-30 hours per week outside of the course timetable.  This time is spent preparing for lessons and completing assignments. Some trainees may be put off by the intensive nature of the course, but the course schedule is designed to help you manage the workload and your tutors are always there for guidance and help.


2024 Face to Face courses fees:

  • Dublin - €1,950
  • UK - £1,545

Contact us to find out more information about a specific centre or online course.

Do I need teaching experience?

No. The vast majority of people who take our course do not have any teaching experience. The CELTA course is designed to give you the necessary skills for the classroom.

I have taught for several years. With this experience, do I need to do all parts of the course?

Yes. While previous teaching experience can be an advantage, it is a Cambridge requirement that candidates complete all aspects of the course fully.

Who are my students? And what do I teach?

You will be teaching real students at two different levels over the course . There will be between 5-15 learners in each lesson. They know you are in training and are enthusiastic to get English classes for 2 hours.

A lot of teaching is about developing the skills of a learner.  So, you will be getting learners to do reading, listening, writing, and speaking and helping them to become better at this skill.  You will also teach grammar and vocabulary during your teaching practice.  We give you a student’s book and notes concerning what you need to teach. 

What am I assessed on?

To meet the assessment requirements, candidates must attend a course and:

  • Practice-teach classes of the relevant age group and size for a total of six hours
  • Observe experienced teachers teaching classes of language learners for a total of six hours
  • Maintain and submit a portfolio of all coursework including all written assignments and materials related to teaching practice

Assessment is continuous and integrated. There are two components of assessment:

  1. Planning and teaching
    1. By the end of the six hours of assessed teaching practice, candidates should have demonstrated successful achievement of all of the teaching practice assessment criteria
  2. Classroom-related written assignments
    1. Adult learners and learning contexts
    2. The language system of English
    3. Language skills
    4. Reflection on classroom teaching
Do I need a university degree in order to do the course?

No.  It is not necessary to have a university degree in order to do the course.  You may not find work in Ireland or the UK without proof of a Level 7 degree (Ireland), Level 6 degree (UK) or equivalent.

Candidates must have a standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education

Do many people fail the course? If so, how do the fail?

The short answer is no (but it is possible to fail, and occasionally this does happen). The course is developmental. We want to see you improve each week and be able to reflect accurately on your performance. Failing teaching practices towards the end of the course is therefore is a lot more significant. It is quite common to have a below standard grade for one TP. Having a second below standard TP is cause for concern and at this point your tutors will do everything they can to support you.

I am not a native speaker. Will this negatively impact me?

Absolutely not. We are looking for applicants to have a good advanced (C1) or proficiency (C2) level.  You will be screened during your interview to see if your own use of English is to standard. We might ask you to complete a task if you do not have a recent certificate to prove your level. We find non-native speakers do quite well on the course as they have been in the position of the learner and have greater knowledge of the language system.

Can I find work with CES upon completion of finishing the course?

CES often recruits teachers who have successfully completed their CELTA with us.  We also liaise with schools abroad so there is often the opportunity to find work in around the world.

What other assistance do you give?
  • For online courses, as well as having access to the official Cambridge platform, we also give all our candidates access to our very own CES Moodle platform.  This has been developed by our experienced team and contains plenty of extra invaluable content that helps to enhance the learning experience. 
  • Our tutors are also always here to take any questions throughout the entire course.
How do I apply?

Fill in our application form and email it to [email protected]. Upon receiving the application form, someone from our team will contact you to arrange an interview.  It is a Cambridge requirement that all applicants are interviewed.  Before the interview, you will be asked to complete a pre-interview task.  During the interview, you will be asked questions about teaching, why you are doing the course, answer some language awareness tasks, as well as doing a short writing task

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Hear from our Students
lynn sherry

"I really enjoyed the sessions which focussed on meaning form and pronunciation as we needed to focus on these aspects in every TP. In particular, I enjoyed the grammar session by Stuart."

Lynn Sherry - Ireland


"CELTA from CES has been one of the most rewarding courses I have ever done. I can see a drastic improvement in myself as a teacher after this course."



“The CELTA was one of the most intense and rewarding learning experiences I've had. I learned about subjects in a very short time and had the chance to put this knowledge in practise as I learned with the support of my cohort and the CES teachers.”


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