Professional Training

CES has vast experience in delivering courses for professionals and managers across a broad range of business contexts. 

You will receive one-to-one tuition in language suitable to your profession and the social interaction you will encounter, giving you the confidence and vocabulary necessary for clear communication in the modern business world.  

One-to-one courses

Executive Courses


Our Executive Courses are designed for business people, managers and professionals who wish to make the maximum amount of progress in the shortest possible time.  Each courses is designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of the participants.  Clients return a completed Language Needs Analysis questionnaire to CES in advance to help us prepare the most effective courses for your requirements. 


Your teacher will discuss the details of your course with you again and you will have the opportunity to change the emphasis and content as you progress.  These courses are available for both individuals and groups.  Please contact [email protected] to discuss your programme or requirements.  


Medical Personnel

Topics include: attending international conferences, delivering speeches or medical papers to a conference, meetings and interviews and specific vocabulary and phrases for doctors and nurses. 


Aviation Personnel


For a profession that requires correct terminology and clear communication at all times, CES can provide vocabulary and speaking lessons for air traffic controllers, pilots and airport managers.  

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