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How Intensive English Classes Can Help Improve Your Confidence in English

Dec 20, 2019
IELTS program

It is normal to feel shy or insecure when you are speaking a new language. You might hesitate or talk quietly or avoid conversations. When you learn English it is important to remember that it is difficult and everyone makes mistakes. Also, it may take time to feel comfortable and confident. Confidence is the feeling that you will succeed at what you are doing.

There are many ways to gain confidence, but it is likely that guidance and education can help you. Attending our Intensive General English programme can help you feel less nervous or scared, whether for English exams or for daily conversations with other English speakers.  Here are the ways intensive English lessons will help you feel like you can succeed in English.

Reliable Answers to Your Questions

Do you have questions about English exams? Do you have questions about learning English in general? When you attend an Intensive English school in Dublin or at our other campuses you can get reliable answers. The teacher’s job is to answer your questions. They will provide information about English to support you and make sure you understand the lessons.

IELTS classes

Teachers can help provide answers to your questions

When your questions are answered, you can use the information to feel more secure when you talk, read or write in English. Sometimes it is difficult to ask questions. If you feel like you have so many questions that they stop you from succeeding then teachers and intensive English courses will help.

Classmates Help Each Other     

There are a lot of people who enrol in our Intensive English Programme at CES London and elsewhere. In your classes, you will see that other people have similar questions to your questions. In the intensive programme, afternoons are spent focusing on conversation. You will get practice improving your speaking and listening skills and see that it is okay to make mistakes. The teacher will help correct mistakes, and it is possible that students will help correct each other too.

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 Classmates help each other practice English inside and outside of the classroom

People learn things in different ways. There may be things that are easy for you that are difficult for someone else. When classmates help each other, everyone’s confidence will grow. Learning a language is a social activity so it is important to learn with others. Also, being around other people who are working toward the same goal can make it easier to have a positive attitude. Positivity will boost your confidence.

Intensive English Classes Provide Practice Time

One of the most important ways to build confidence is through practice. If you want to feel comfortable talking, writing and reading you have to find opportunities to do those things. In our Intensive English classes you will work on vocabulary and grammar in the mornings and apply your lessons right away.

The more you practice all areas of English, the more your English skills will improve. This helps build up your confidence so that you can better communicate in English throughout your life. You will learn where your skills are strongest and where they are weakest. Intensive classes will help you know what you need to practice the most. Overall, the more time you spend in the classroom learning English, the more confident you will feel outside the classroom.

Do you want to know more about our intensive English courses in Edinburgh or at our other locations?

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