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How an IELTS Programme Can Help Expand Your Vocabulary

Nov 18, 2019
IELTS preparation

There are many ways to learn new words. For example, it is easy to make a list of new words, look them up in a dictionary, and write down what they mean. The problem is this way of learning may not help you when you need to read, write, or speak in a new language.

Whether you need to take a Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) exam, IELTS exam, or you want to go travelling, learning vocabulary is important. Some ways of learning new words are better than others. An English class is certainly a great way to expand your vocabulary. Here’s why.

There Is an Opportunity for Conversation in an IELTS Programme

When taking IELTS exam preparation you will have opportunities to talk with your classmates about different topics. Talking with others helps you learn how to use new words in context. Here, context refers to how new words relate to other words. It helps answer the question: how does a word fit into a sentence? You will remember a word better if you have a conversation instead of just memorizing a list of words without context.

IELTS programme

You and your classmates will learn a lot from each other

When you have a conversation or discussion in the classroom you will also practise saying new words out loud. This means that your brain will store information about a new word in more than one way because you will know how it sounds. Of course, saying words out loud is also the best practice for improving your pronunciation.

A Teacher Can Help You Learn New Words 

The dictionary and thesaurus are good reference books, also known as resources. An even better resource for learning new words is a teacher. The expert teachers who help with IELTS exam preparation or whatever your goals might be are there to expand your vocabulary.

Teachers will answer your questions and tell you how native speakers use English words. They will also introduce new words in a way that will help you remember them later. For example, a teacher might give a lesson about transportation words like “car,” “bus,” and “train.” You will then be able to have a conversation about transportation using these words.  Unlike a dictionary, a teacher can also help you learn which words are the most commonly used.

Repetition is Part of the Lesson Plan

You may find it is not difficult to understand new words, but it is difficult to remember them. It is even more difficult to remember if you do not practise. In addition to conversations with classmates and a good teacher, an English programme will make sure you practise new words again and again.

IELTS exam preparation

Repeating words helps you remember them

You have to read, write, and say new words many times before they are truly part of your vocabulary. A class gives you the opportunity to do this with others who share the same goal. Because English classes generally occur every weekday, you’ll have many opportunities to practise new vocabulary frequently.   

An IELTS programme can help expand your vocabulary.

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