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3 Ways a Cambridge Preparation Course Can Help You Boost Your Exam Score

Jun 21, 2019
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The Cambridge Examination is one of the most widely recognised English tests in the world. It can help you get into university, find a job or assist with immigration purposes. If you are planning on taking the Cambridge Examination, then you probably want to do everything you can to get a good score.

One of the best ways of improving your score is by taking a Cambridge preparation course. Here are 3 ways a Cambridge preparation course can help improve your exam score.

1. Courses Are Scheduled with Examinations in Mind So That You’re Better Prepared

Typically, the Cambridge Examinations are held four times per year, in March, June, August and December. One of the great things about the Cambridge preparation course offered at Centre of English Studies is that the last class of each course is scheduled the week before the examination takes place. Scheduling the preparation course around the examinations helps you in many ways.

For example, it ensures that you better manage your study time before the examination so that you can cover as much material as possible. Also, the way our preparation course is scheduled allows you to have everything you studied stay fresh in your mind when you take the examination. Since you’ll have finished the course just a week before taking the exam, you’ll be able to remember the material better and hopefully earn a better score.

Cambridge preparation course

Preparation courses are scheduled so that you can go into the exam fully prepared

2. You’ll Study Using Authentic Test Material in Your Cambridge Preparation Course

When you study on your own or you take online Cambridge preparation courses, you may not know for sure whether the material you are studying will be on the Cambridge exam. That’s not something you have to worry about when you prepare for the exam at CES, because our Cambridge preparation course uses authentic test material for you to practise with.

These materials will enable you to practise for the exam beforehand. You’ll become familiar with the exam’s format and see how it tests for different skills. This knowledge will then help you identify where your weaknesses lie so that you can focus on improving them in time for the exam.

3. A Tutor Can Monitor Your Progress During Your Cambridge English Programme

Another benefit of our Cambridge English programme is that every student is appointed a tutor who monitors their progress in the programme. A tutor can help you identify which English skills you need the most help with. The Cambridge Examination tests you on four different skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. When you study on your own for the examination, it is easy to overlook challenges you may experience with one of these areas.

Cambridge english program

Your progress in the Cambridge preparation course at CES will be monitored by a tutor

For example, while you may be good at reading and writing, speaking and listening could be more challenging. That’s especially the case if you don’t have a native English speaker with you who is able to correct your pronunciation. With a tutor monitoring your progress, you’ll be able to focus on improving all four skill areas so that you can get a better score.

Do you want to improve you Cambridge Examination score?

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