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How to Socialise with Confidence during Your Intensive English Program

May 17, 2019
intensive English program

There are many parts of the English language that work differently in person than on paper, including socialising. Although your English course gives you experience in communicating and conversation, it can be scary to try it for the first time outside of the classroom.

Socialising is an important part of learning English and it can help you meet new people and explore the language in a meaningful way. It can be intimidating even for native English speakers and you may be shy when it comes to talking to strangers in a new language. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make sure conversations go well.

If you’re interested in boosting your confidence in conversation during English language school, read on for a few helpful tips.

Prepare Ahead of Time with Special Questions or Conversational Topics

A good conversation is at the heart of successful socialising. In order to make sure your conversation is going well, it’s important to make sure the other person is interested in what you’re saying. Although you can’t plan for everything that may happen during a discussion, being prepared can make you feel more confident when it’s time to start talking.

English language class

Students at CES can use the lessons they learn in class to keep conversations interesting

Before it’s time to socialise, try to think of a few questions that will make people more engaged in conversation. Questions such as a asking about a favourite book, movie, television show or hobby can make the other person more interested in the conversation because it allows them to share information about themselves. It also gives you a chance to find things you have in common. You can even ask them about where they grew up or what places they like to visit.

An intensive English program helps you build the skills you need to communicate with others, as well as better understand how to express your own thoughts and opinions. By using the skills you work on in class to prepare questions ahead of time, you give yourself a variety of conversation points you can use that can help you keep a conversation going, which can give you the confidence you need to start the next one.

It’s Okay to Share That You’re Still Learning in English Language School

For many English language learners, finding the confidence to introduce themselves to strangers is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to socialising.

English language school

Being honest about your English language skills can boost your confidence in a social situation

You may feel intimidated when talking with native speakers but speaking in English is one of the best ways to learn and build your skills. If you feel self-conscious about your English when meeting new people, it’s okay to mention that you’re still learning the language. This kind of honesty helps people understand that they may have to approach the conversation a little differently than they normally would.

Mentioning that you’re a student in an English language class may also make them more interested in the conversation itself, including asking questions about where you come from and what made you want to study English. Being open about your English fluency can help you build your conversational skills, which can make you more confident in future social situations.

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