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5 Advantages of OET Preparation Courses You Should Know About

Dec 21, 2018
Dec 21 English exam preparation

The Occupational English Test (OET) is recognised all over the world as proof of proficiency for professionals working in the healthcare industry. Designed specifically for the sector, the exam helps to ensure that doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers have the specialised language skills they need to work in this challenging environment.

However, the OET can be quite difficult. Healthcare professionals often need to know a lot of complicated medical vocabulary and must be able to speak and understand English clearly and quickly in high pressure situations. As a result, even students who have had a lot of English training can find it difficult to achieve a good score on the exam.

An OET preparation course can make getting the results you need a lot easier. Here are just a few reasons to consider this kind of program.

1. OET Preparation Courses are Designed for Your Individual Needs

Because different healthcare professionals need different English skills, OET preparation can be tailored to your individual situation. Before you start, you will be asked to complete a needs analysis questionnaire. This allows instructors to prepare a course that is suited to your professional role and your goals.

As your course progresses, you can work with your instructors to change the emphasis of your course content so that it will better reflect the challenges you face in your work. Not only will this help you to get the results you need on the exam, but it will ensure that the English skills you learn will be as useful as possible to you in your future career.

2. You Can Practise Using English in Real Workplace Scenarios

The speaking section of the OET exam focuses on real healthcare scenarios. Students are asked to participate in five-minute role-plays with an examiner, which are designed to see how well you can use English in an everyday professional situation.

Dec 21 OET preparation

OET preparation includes practising real-world medical scenarios

Practising for this in an OET exam preparation class is much easier than doing it by yourself. Working with your instructor and classmates, you can play out the same kinds of practice scenarios you will see on the test and get valuable feedback and guidance.

3.  You Will Get Plenty of Exam Practice in OET Prep

In addition to helping you practise for the speaking section of the test, OET preparation is also a great way to become familiar with the other parts of the exam. Your instructor will guide you through the exam structure and help you understand what to expect in each section, how much time you have and what you need to study. They will also offer expert exam techniques to help you approach the test in the right way, including how to plan your time properly to make sure you finish every section.

4. OET Prep is Quite Similar to Other English Programs

The OET exam has four sections which cover Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. This means that even though the material covered is very specific to the healthcare industry, the actual exam structure is very similar to other popular English tests like the Cambridge English Exam and IELTS.

As a result, OET preparation courses are approached in a very similar way to other ESL courses, meaning students who have completed other programs before will find it easy to get into the swing of things.

5. OET Preparation Classes are Easy to Fit Into Your Schedule

Best of all, OET preparation classes can be easily fit around your other commitments. At CES Dublin, for instance, students have the choice of taking three two-hour group sessions per week, which take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, or booking one-on-one tuition, which is available in the afternoons from Monday to Friday.

Dec 21 OET exam preparation

OET exam preparation can be easily fit into your schedule

This means you can balance your studies with your existing work and home life, while still working towards a great English certification and a brighter future.

Interested in taking the OET?

Contact CES to learn more about our English exam preparation courses.

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