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Interested in English Language Courses? 5 Reasons to Study English in Edinburgh

Nov 28, 2018
english language courses
So, you’ve decided to study English abroad? Great idea! Your next decision will be figuring out which city offers the best environment to study, travel and make friends in. A top choice for international students is Edinburgh, due to its rich history, world-class festivals and attractions and a well-deserved reputation as a capital of learning .

The Centre of English Studies (CES) campus in Edinburgh is located right in the historic city centre, allowing you to see first-hand why the Scottish capital is such an amazing place to pursue your studies. Here are just a few reasons why you should learn English in Edinburgh.

1. Attend World-Class Summer Festivals While Learning English in Edinburgh

Summer is when Edinburgh really comes to life thanks to its two world-famous festivals, the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The International Festival brings some of the best performers of classical music, opera, dance and theatre to the city each August. Around the same time the Festival Fringe, which is the world’s largest arts festival, also takes over the city. Streets, plazas
and concert halls are packed during The Fringe with thousands of spectacular shows and performances.

english language learning
Every August, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe takes over the city streets

2. Pursue English Language Learning in a City Famous for Education

Edinburgh is nicknamed ‘The Athens of the North’ thanks to its centuries-old reputation as a centre of learning. Many of the greatest writers, scientists, philosophers, artists and engineers lived and studied here and the city continues to boast some of the world’s top-ranked schools and universities. CES continues that proud tradition with more than 30 years of excellence in teaching English language courses and it is the only school that has been nominated for the ‘Star English Language School in Europe’ award for 5 years in a row.

3. See the Sights While Taking English Language Courses

Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland since the 15th century and you’ll see reminders of its long history everywhere you look. Much of the historic city centre—which is divided into the medieval Old Town and the 18th century New Town—has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you choose to stay in the CES residential accommodation, you’ll be just a 10-minute walk from New Town’s world-
famous Prince’s Street which is Edinburgh’s main shopping thoroughfare. Most top attractions are a short walk away from our school and residence, including the Scottish Parliament Building, the National Museum of Scotland and the 12th century Edinburgh Castle.

english language program
When you study at CES Edinburgh, you’ll be minutes away from the city’s top attractions, including Edinburgh Castle.

4. Learn the English Language with People from Around the World

Edinburgh’s status as a city of learning means that you’ll be surrounded by students from all over the world. The friends you make in Edinburgh are friends you’ll keep with you long after you leave. If you choose CES’s homestay accommodation, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about local Scottish culture firsthand. Plus, the best way of learning the English language is by immersing yourself in it every day which is what living with a local family allows you to do.

5. Stay in One of the UK’s Best Cities to Live and Work

Edinburgh is one of the best places to live and work. In fact, a recent study commissioned by the Royal Mail Group named Edinburgh the UK’s most attractive city to live and work in. The city is extremely safe, the healthcare is excellent and the pollution levels are low. Because Edinburgh is a relatively small city, people here enjoy very short commute times. Many residents—including our students—routinely walk
the city’s beautiful streets and parks on their way to work or school. An excellent bus and tram system also makes getting around cheap and easy.

Do you dream of studying English in a beautiful city like Edinburgh?

Contact CES Edinburgh today to learn more about our award-winning English language program!

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