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Smartphone Study: 5 Great Apps That Help to Build IELTS Course Success

Oct 19, 2018
IELTS lessons

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam is currently recognised in over 135 countries, by over 8,000 organisations including universities, governments and employers. Taking the test is an important step for anyone hoping to work or study in an English environment.

By taking an IELTS preparation course in an English-speaking city like Oxford or Dublin, you can get comprehensive classroom training combined with fun and challenging real-world practice, which is one of the best ways to learn any new language.

Given the importance of the IELTS exam, many students are eager to do anything they can to build success in their IELTS course, and some have found great value in using mobile apps, which can turn downtime into valuable study time.

Read on for five great apps that can help you build IELTS course success.

Google Translate is Useful for Learning New Vocabulary While Exploring

One of the great things about attending an ESL school in an English-speaking city is being able to get out on the town and put your new skills to the test. With Google Translate, you can instantly translate any unfamiliar words that you come across while you’re exploring, either by typing in what you hear or using your camera for Google’s instant text translation.

 English language training
Students taking IELTS courses in a city like Dublin can use Google Translate for unfamiliar signs

Beelinguapp Uses Audiobooks to Help Students Master Their English Skills

Beelinguapp is loaded with texts like short stories and fairytales, which can be read side by side in both English and a user’s native language. The text is also read aloud, so that students can hear how a word is pronounced, while seeing how it’s spelled and the translation all at the same time. Beelinguapp is great for fans of audiobooks who want to keep up their English practice while relaxing with a good story!

Quizlet Lets IELTS Students Create Their Own Flashcards

Flashcards are a great study tool for students in English language courses to memorise new information like vocabulary and verb tenses. With Quizlet, you can create your own flashcard sets on your phone, so that they’re always available at the tap of a button, making this app great for studying on the go!

IELTS course
Quizlet lets IELTS students create custom flashcards for learning vocabulary on their smartphones

Duolingo Has Fun Games to Help IELTS Students Learn English

Duolingo is an app that uses short, interactive games to help you learn English or other languages. While it’s no substitute for taking IELTS lessons or immersing yourself in an English city’s language and culture, it can be a fun way to keep learning and practising between classes. You can also invite friends and fellow students to play along and compete for points.

Lingbe Lets Students Practise Listening and Speaking On the Go

Lingbe is a simple, community-based app that connects native speakers with people trying to learn their language so they can practise their listening and speaking skills through voice conversations. By talking to people in your own native language, you earn credits that can then be used to connect with English-speakers, who will provide helpful feedback after each short conversation.

While taking English language training in the UK, Ireland or Canada, students will have many opportunities to chat with native speakers, but Lingbe can be a fun and casual way to get some extra practice in on the way to class or while waiting for the bus.

Get prepared for your IELTS exam by studying in Oxford, Dublin, Toronto or one of our other great locations.

Contact the Centre of English Studies for more information about our IELTS course.

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