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How to Select a Top English School: a Checklist for ESL Students

Apr 04, 2018
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 Learning English offers many benefits. It can help advance your career, allow you to communicate with people from all over the world, and so much more. However, developing your English language skills can take time. 

The right school can make a huge difference in how quickly you progress, but how can you be sure you’ve found one that offers a truly outstanding education? Fortunately, we’ve put together a checklist of some of the qualities many top ESL schools share. Read on to find out what they are!

Look for an ESL School That Has Won Awards

When beginning your search for a top ESL school, one excellent sign to look for is whether a school has won or been nominated for awards. That’s because awards help to demonstrate which schools have gone above and beyond to help their students. They care about offering a high quality education, and their efforts have been recognised by an independent organisation.

It’s a mark of quality that students can trust, which is why many ESL schools will list the awards they’ve won or been shortlisted for. For example, Centre of English Studies (CES) has received the ‘Star English Language School in Europe’ several times. In fact, CES is the only English School to have been nominated for this prestigious award 8 years in a row.

Excellent Instructors Are a Sign That You Have Found a Top ESL School

Of course, as any student knows, for an ESL school to be truly excellent, it must have highly qualified teachers. A teacher who cares about the success of their students, and who makes classes fun, can make learning English easier and more enjoyable. That’s why, when searching for a top ESL school, you’ll want to carefully examine the qualifications of its teachers.

A Cambridge CELTA or Trinity TESOL qualification can be an excellent indication that you have found a top ESL school. In addition, EFL teaching qualifications, university degrees, and many other qualifications can all be signs that you will receive an excellent education. CES teachers all hold a university degree and an ACELS recognised teaching qualification in Ireland, and Trinity or CELTA qualifications in the UK, with many holding Cambridge’s prestigious Delta diploma.

A caring instructor can make all the difference

 A caring instructor can make all the difference

Choose an English School With a Long History of ESL Education

While it’s possible for new schools to be very good, a long history helps to demonstrate that an ESL school has found lasting success. Years of experience have helped these schools refine their curriculums so that students receive the best possible education.

In addition, all those years of experience mean that staff know how to help students address many different challenges, teachers know which exercises work best, and social coordinators know which social activities students love most. At CES, for example, our 30-year history has allowed us to become leaders in ESL education.

Search for an English School That Offers Many Activities

Part of what makes learning English such a fun experience is that it’s an opportunity to learn about another culture. Studying English in Dublin, for example, could include seeing a world-famous Irish dancing show, exploring Newgrange, and even enjoying a traditional Irish meal.

Activities can help students make friends and discover local culture

 Activities can help students make friends and discover local culture

To make sure that you’ll enjoy many fun activities while you learn English, try examining a school’s social calendar. Many will list sample or even current schedules of their activities. This can help you see how many activities are offered, and if the school you are considering places importance in these events. Some schools even have dedicated staff for planning and scheduling things to do for students!

Top ESL Schools Will Be Fun and Welcoming

Above all, one of the best indicators that you’ve found a top ESL school is that it offers a welcoming environment. Welcoming ESL schools help students feel like part of the community. They ensure that even shy students feel comfortable speaking in English, making new friends, and living away from home. It’s in this kind of environment where students will enjoy attending classes, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Are you searching for an excellent English language programme that cares deeply about its students?

Discover our close-knit community here at the Centre of English Studies!

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