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Standard Course + IELTS preparation UK and Ireland

The General English and IELTS Preparation Course is a popular way for students to improve and build upon their English language knowledge and at the same time, to learn about the exam techniques they will need for success in their IELTS Exam.

The General English and IELTS Preparation Course takes place all year round, from Monday to Friday. Morning lessons follow the same programme as the Standard General English Course. There are 5 mornings per week of General English and 3 afternoons per week of IELTS preparation lessons.


Start Dates: Every Monday
Minimum Level: Intermediate (B1)
Lessons per week: IRL: 26 lessons per week
UK: 30 lessons per week
Lesson duration: IRL: 1 lesson - 55 minutes
UK: 1 lesson - 45 minutes
Class Size: Maximum 14   (Maximum 9 - Oxford)
Minimum age: 16+
Available in: All centres

The IELTS classes are topic-based and follow course book content as well as learner training and exam techniques. You will receive expert tuition and ongoing feedback from your teachers in order for you to make rapid and lasting progress. With access to the CES Online Learning Platform, you will be able to plan your studies to make the most of your stay.


IRELAND: 09:00 – 13:00 Monday to Friday
14:00 – 16:00 Tuesday to Thursday
UK: 09:30 – 13:00 Monday to Friday
14:00 – 16:30 Tuesday to Thursday


Where can I take my IELTS Exam?

You can take your IELTS exam in all of the CES locations but in three of our schools, Dublin, Toronto, and Leeds, we also have separate testing centres where you can book and take your exam.  You don't need to take a CES IELTS course to book your exam with us, but the preparation is certainly helpful! It also makes it easy to study for your exam and take it, all in one location. Visit our test centre websites if you would like to book your exam with us. In our other schools, we will help you find a test centre nearby to book your exam.

IELTS Centre Dublin IELTS Centre Toronto IELTS Centre Leeds 


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