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Further Development Courses for English Language Dublin, London, Leeds, Edinburgh and Worthing

CES Training Institute

CES is an award winning school with a choice of seven different locations in Ireland and the UK – Dublin, Worthing, Wimbledon, Leeds, Oxford and Edinburgh. We have an international reputation for training and teaching.

All of our centres across Ireland and the UK have a strong teacher training focus with 3 schools being CELTA centres. Each of our centres have highly trained and experienced teachers who have been involved in developing and delivering many types of further development courses through the Comenius, Grundtvig, CIEP and Saxony-Anhalt programmes.

In addition, we have excellent and carefully selected homestay accommodation and there is also the option of residential accommodation in most of our locations. We also have a comprehensive year round cultural and social programme. We are members of EAQUALS and IALC.

For more information, check out CES Teacher Training YouTube Channel.

Our Aims

“At CES Training Institute, we strive to be able to design and deliver training courses which specially focus on the needs of the course participants. We consistently engage with the latest trends in pedagogy and the wider world of education to ensure that our courses have the requisite blend of theory and practice. We are very interested in learning about, and meeting, the needs of our course participants (and potential participants) so please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests and we will do our best to meet your needs. We aim to provide a learning environment that respects and values participants’ experience as teachers in an atmosphere that is interactive, communicative, creative and autonomous. It is important for us to broaden understanding of the link between language and culture and in doing so provide opportunities for participants to improve their own language skills.”

Chris Farrel - CES Head of Training and Development
Chris Farrell 
CES Head of Training and Development 
[email protected]

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All of our courses are eligible for Erasmus+ Funding. 


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Online Teacher Training
All of our courses are available online along the same timetable as the face to face offering. Please email Chris Farrell ([email protected]) for any particular enquires about arranging bespoke online teacher training courses at dates which may suit you better. For more information on CES Online Teacher Training check out this link: https://www.ces-schools.com/virtual-classes/ces-virtual-teacher-training  

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General Information

Structural Overview

These courses will take place over either one or two weeks in locations in Dublin or the UK (as stated). We have a strong emphasis on cooperation and collaborative learning. It is our belief that you learn a huge amount from engaging with your classmates, as well as engaging with the course content. Therefore, a lot of our course content will encourage peer to peer task. The courses provide opportunities for discussion and the sharing of ideas with colleagues from different European countries

Course Aims
These courses aim to understand and deliver upon the practical needs of the participants to ensure that the impact of the material covered is not gone in a week or two but is indeed sustainable. We hope that everything we cover in these courses is useful for the participants to be able to apply it to their own learners and classrooms.

Who is this course suitable for?

Our courses are intended for English language teachers or teachers of other subjects who wish to refresh and expand their language skills and/or analyse, discuss and practice different teaching approaches and methods.

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself and some ideas! We will be providing all of the course content and material. We will be giving all resources digitally where appropriate so if you have a laptop or tablet that would be a useful addition. If not, we can provide paper copies for classroom use.

What are my next steps?

Once you have contact us and booked your course you will be registered as attending the course of your choice. A few weeks before you arrive, the academic team will be in touch to send you a pre-course needs analysis to ascertain your precise academic needs. We will also add you to the academic platform and share some pre-course reading (optional of course!). The Head of Learning and Development will be available to answer any course questions you have via email during this period.

Post Course

At CES we consistently aim to help foster communities of best practice within the education community. With that in mind, upon completion of the course you will be given the option of joining an online platform with other course participants who have taken a similar course and join in discussion about best practice in that context. This platform will also support idea and material sharing. The CES Head of Training and Development Chris Farrell will be active on these platforms and can help to provide any more information or support required. Your course is not the end of your learning, merely a first step in learning with the CES community.

For more information on booking please contact  [email protected]



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