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Unsere Woche in Edinburgh war rundum gelungen. Der Sprachkurs am CES (Centre of English Studies) spornte unsere SchülerInnen zu tollen Leistungen an und machte Spaß. Die MitarbeiterInnen des CES standen auch bei Fragen und für Tipps gern zur Verfügung. Die Allermeisten fühlten sich bei ihren Gastfamilien sehr wohl. Die Stadt begeisterte sowieso jeden. Auch der Ausflug zu Loch Lomond war ein sehr schönes Erlebnis. Wir hatten neben dem „offiziellen“ Programm noch genug Zeit für selbst organisierte Aktivitäten. Die Organisation der ganzen Reise durch Travelworks funktionierte wunderbar, und wir waren mit jeder Frage und jedem Anliegen willkommen.

Jun 12, 2017, 16:29 PM
I really enjoyed my stay in Leeds. It was good experience. The staff are friendly and happy to help you. Teachers ensure that the lesson are always relevant and interesting. During my education, I improved my knowledge significantly and I can speak with more confidence. Certainly, I recommend CES to everyone.Thanks to all.

Murat Akbas, Turkey

Mar 31, 2016, 12:15 PM
I'm a student of Business and Marketing. For continuing my studies I needed to improve my English and I have chosen to come to CES school for that. Leeds is a good city with many things to do for students. The school is very nice, the staff are very helpful and the teachers are very good.

Valentin Mercier, France

Mar 15, 2016, 16:22 PM
CES School gives you the opportunity to enroll in an English culture class with speaking activities.Classes are really talkative and amazing! They are willing to improve your language skills.You will really love it!

Gemma Ramo, Spain

Mar 15, 2016, 16:16 PM
I had a very good time definitely in CES School in Leeds, for the quality of teaching and the availability of everybody at school.

I had been following a general English course for six weeks and my English has improved especially in speaking and listening.

Every week the school arranges some social activity and it is a very important thing for the socialisation.

I can say definitely that my experience in Leeds has been really interesting for learning and life aim.

Cecilia Bonvini, Italy

Mar 14, 2016, 16:14 PM
When I first enrolled for English classes at CES I was contacted by very professional and caring staff. The welcoming and outgoing atmosphere in school helped me to settle down and enjoy learning. All my teachers are well-informed, experienced, considerate and thoughtful people. I find the English lessons stimulating, entertaining, though-provoking and quite intense. My confidence in writing is developing, my listening skills are improving and my speaking is becoming more and more grammatically correct. My lessons at CES I find very useful for understanding the English language and the English way of life. I am highly impressed to meet students from all over the world to learn about different cultures and to make friends.

Oksana Greenshaw, Russia

Mar 14, 2016, 13:32 PM
I have spent 4 months at CES Worthing and have had an amazing experience.
I have improved my English, Teachers were very kind and i had a very interesting classes.
The staff were also very kind and i spent alot of time having fun taking part in the social programme.
I met lots of students from around the World and have learnt about many different cultures.
I recommend everyone to spend time in CES!

Salvatore Testa

Mar 10, 2016, 16:27 PM
I have been at CES Worthing for 6 months doing my FCE exam. In that time i have met many different people from around the World, who have bought me many different ideas and new experiences. I absolutely recommend CES Worthing as a study center. Thanks for everything!

Marine Pichon

Mar 10, 2016, 16:24 PM
My stay at the CES Worthing Language School was one of the best experience of my life. I have been here for 5 months – from October 2015 to March 2016. The school has many advantages, but I would like to mention some of them. Lovely teachers, schoolmates from around the world and good facility at the school. The best part of my 5 month months was definitely opportunity to talk everyday with people from different cultures. We had many discussion about interesing topics such as religion, culture or work. Thank to  CES I realize, that my point of view is not always the best. I would like to come back in the future 

Martin Matuška

Mar 10, 2016, 16:20 PM
When I came to CES Harrogate I didn’t understand English so I couldn’t say anything. Now I can speak, read, listen and write because the teachers helped me to learn English. The teachers are very helpful and experienced, they use the best methods to help you understand and improve your language. (I am very grateful to them)
The administrative staff are very helpful and they facilitate things for you and help you if you need, for example, to register at hospital/GP or the train station or the bank or the police and host family etc.
Harrogate is a very nice place to live and quiet and safe and good to study so you will not feel bored and the people who live there are very kind and friendly. In my opinion you should study at CES Harrogate if you want to learn English and improve your language.

Saif Hussain Al-Marri – Qatar

Mar 10, 2016, 16:17 PM
I am really enjoying studying English at CES Harrogate. When I discuss a topic with my classmate in a lesson, I learn fascinating culture, because we are from different country. We sometimes get excited about disagreement, but I like that time.

Akie Nakajo – Japan

Mar 10, 2016, 16:15 PM
From my perspective, CES Oxford was everything I was looking for. I am personally surprised at how much my English skills have been improved particularly my communication skills. Before beginning a course, it was absolutely difficult for me to communicate with foreigners. This problem has been solved by challenging courses as well as learning activities outside the classroom. To me, I love CES Oxford wholeheartedly. This has been the most valuable language experience.

Pafun Sittishad, Thailand

Mar 9, 2016, 09:16 AM
CES School: the BEST experience of my life!
By going to CES School-Oxford I had the chance to be in a human-sized school, with a well-organised English programme to follow and a lovely village to stay in where everyone is so welcoming. As the CES team who warmly welcomed me and made me feel like I was at home. The teachers are all amazing, and by working in small groups, all my friends and I succeeded to improve our English really fast. Many captivating activities are organised every day and week-end, I had the chance to go to the Oxford Theatre to see beautiful shows and I visited so many cities like Cambridge, London, Brighton, Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon  and so many others. Oxford is a magnificent city and I recommend everybody to discover it by going to CES School-Oxford. 

Célia Aumont

Mar 1, 2016, 16:32 PM
Are you looking for an English School in the United Kingdom? CHOOSE  CES Oxford!
CES Oxford is not a typical school where you can only improve your English, your communicative skills but it is further more than this. You will go there without any expectation and than you will find a new lifestyle!
First of all, CES Oxford has a lot of facilities to improve you English such as computer room, reading&listening room. More than that CES Oxford is represented by a teacher’s team that will guide you in to the British World. They are always willing to bolster your skills progression and telling you about British culture.
Although this could be similiar to other schools what makes CES Oxford different from the others is the Social activities board. In theory you can come back to your host family when classes are over. However you will be not happier than staying at school. Am i crazy? Am i saying that i enjoyed staying at school all day long? Sure I was. Although there are a lot of places that you probably should visit in Oxford , lots of activities to do there is a social program full of activities at School.  These activities will help you to both enjoy  your staying and improve you English! Just for information i can give you more examples: laser game, cinema, pool table, ping pong, card games, bowling! My favorite one  was undoubtedly the International food Night! The school organises a  different international dinner once a week. Every country will cook for all students! Believe me it’s a magic moment! You can be all around the World staying in one place! Up to me there is nothing more exciting than this! You can try new food, exploring new cultures and improve your English at the same time! In one world studying at CES Oxford means becoming more OPEN MINDED!

Bruno Gennaro, Italy

Mar 1, 2016, 16:28 PM
Talking about CES Oxford? Just amazing!
I've spent an entire summer there and I can hardly say how much I missed sun and real summer, but I wouldn't have changed anything about it, knowing how many lovely people I met.
The staff of the school directly know every single student, and find moments to talk to them and understand their feelings, no one can silently stay in the corner! Every teacher has his own peculiar way of teaching, and tries continually to innovate it. That's why CES Oxford achieves a very dynamic education.
In my personal experience, I've also found a very special family, delicious food and comfortable accommodation.
I'd recommend everyone to spend some days at CES!
-    Alessia Nicky Longo, Italy

Alessia Nicky Longo, Italy

Mar 1, 2016, 16:26 PM
CES Oxford is without doubt the best school I've ever been to. Being a student there for 3 months i was able to forge friendships with the staff as well as with some of the teachers. However, this is nothing compared to the number of great friends I made all over the world which not only have extremely different cultural backgrounds but also come from almost every age group one can think of.
CES is also a place where I as a student felt home and considered everyone as my second family.
Of course there are also bad things. Mostly they're called 'Fridays' because these are the days when students leave CES and go home to their schools, jobs or whatever they are leaving for. It's a hard good bye since you never you when you're going to meet anyone again. It gets even harder the longer you stay because at some point everyone who started at the same day as you already left. Also, most people who leave then started later than you did and you get aware of the fact that you literally see people come and go.
But at the same time you become incredibly happy having been given the chance to meet all these amazing new friends of yours and you start to realise that everyone left a piece of them in you. And when the day comes where you have to leave yourself you know that there will be a piece of you in the school which will stay there forever. Be it a memory of you, a story about you or a simply a tear you cried when giving a speech.'

Florian Berliat, Switzerland

Mar 1, 2016, 16:24 PM
That was early autumn with the flown of maple leafs, i came to this marvellous school CES. With the humorous lectures, the co-operate classmates and the warmth atmosphere. I have had a wonderful time and gained a lot. Such an unforgettable memory.

Shevonne Zhang, Malaysia

Mar 1, 2016, 16:21 PM
Well, my experience in CES has been fantastic! Since the first day I felt an atmosphere of family between old and us, new students. The teachers and the staff have made everything to put us at ease and we created soon a beautiful friendship. I spent the best month of my life,I knew a lot of new friends from all over the world and it was also great for my English because I improved a lot my studies( I'm not perfect but was very very useful). I recommend this experience to everyone and if I had the chance to stay there more than one month I would have do it absolutely. I love you and I miss you all 😘😘💓

Sara Pietro, Italy

Mar 1, 2016, 16:20 PM
The days in CES remained and gave me the precious student life.
It's not big school though that's why we are like family. Every teacher remembers student name and there are a lot of fun activities for you. For me to make pumpkin lamp for Halloween was very fun :)
I'm happy to meet new good friends in ces.
You will enjoy your life in CES:) and in UK :)

Maria Oyakawa, Japan

Mar 1, 2016, 16:19 PM
Reasons why you shouldn't go to CES Oxford:
- You're going to get a silly nickname.
- You're going to be forced to participate in the social programme.
- You're going to be surrounded by crazy people.

Reasons why you should DEFINITELY go to CES Oxford:
-You're going to be forced to participate in the social programme and have the best of all times.
- You're going to be surrounded by fun, crazy, lovely people.
- There's always someone around for a chat.
- The classes are great fun.
- My host was warm and welcoming and gave me a second home during the time of my stay here.

Don't think twice: Just go! No language school compares! I think the mixture of great atmosphere, nice people and good and funny lessons is the best one could wish for!

Sandra Schmidt, Germany

Mar 1, 2016, 16:18 PM