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RENEW with CES Dublin for the Dublin school

CES-Dame-StreetCentre of English Studies (CES) Dublin has very special rates for students currently in Dublin that are looking to extend their courses.

Prices for 25 weeks start from €1850.
Please contact yang@ces-schools.com or jonathan@ces-schools.com for more info

  • CES can offer both morning and afternoon English language courses, both of which are on the official ILEP list.
  • Classes in the morning session (SGE.AM) are from 09.00 - 13.00 - 20 hours tuition per week
  • Classes in the afternoon session (SGE.PM) are from 13.45 - 17.00 - 15 hours tuition per week
  • There is a more limited nationality mix on SGE.PM
  • Students must attain an 85% attendance while on this course.

CES Dublin main office on 31 Dame Street is open if you wish to discuss any of the above.
CES is the 'Official IELTS' test centre for Dublin and we can arrange your exam, that is a requirement of your visa, for you in-house during your first weeks in CES Dublin.